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W.W.II - STEEL WHEELS is a rulebook for a realistic 3D game simulating tactical level combat during World War Two, it is focused on armored units warfare and it is suitable to be played with military models 1/72 (24mm) scale, up to 1/100 (15mm).

Game time may vary from 2 up to 8 hours, depending from sizes of the armies and number of units on field.
Game is for 2 players from 12 up to 90 years old, but more players may play different armies allied in the same side.

This wargame is the best compromise between the historical realism and playability, all main tactical aspects are considered thru a game sequence easy to remember for all players who already have a good knowledge of the weapons and armored vehicles of the Second World War.
Game system lets players free to choose their team level units among infantry, combat vehicles and artillery, all of them must be aggregates in platoons/batteries units, each one composed at least by 2 team level units, up to the complete unit.
Game is playable also with only two team-level units for each army, to learn rules a bit at a time.


The most important feature of this game is the availability of army books which contain the armor thickness schemes of almost all combat vehicles of many belligerant countries, since 1940 until 1945.

Players must know that the tactic has a decisive role to win a battle between armored units, because results are determined by using charts which permit to match the caliber of the fired shots with the armor plates thickness of each side of the armored vehicles, inducing players to develop maneuvers based on the vehicles features.


All file of the rulebook, tables, graphic elements and main armies are downloadable for free in PDF format files to start to play and make experiences with the game system.

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Vehicles models, soldiers miniatures, cm measurer, 6/8/10/12 sides dice and terrain elements are not available on this site and must be purchased from shops.

The army lists containing the unit charts of all armored vehicles, may be downloaded by paying a little price which is necessary to mantain this site. Army lists are in PDF file format and will be sent by E-mail attachment in 24 hours since Paypal payment.


W.W.II-STEEL WHEELS rulebook and all documents shown or downloadable from this site are created by Cap. Angelo Castiglioni, all rights are reserved, content may not be reproduced, sold, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the author.
All downloaded files are licensed for personal use only, to print a single copy of rule book and graphic items needed to play.

If you have questions please write to  Castiglioni Angelo , you'll get answer in 24 hours.